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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

A unique treatment known as blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy offers patients and athletes an innovative wellness tool. BFR is a unique and effective way to boost an injury or surgery recovery and supercharge a strength training program. It involves using a special device to partially restrict blood flow to your muscles while you work out. 

When Would I Need Blood Flow Restriction Therapy?

Imagine you're recovering from an injury, surgery, or maybe you're an athlete looking to take your training to the next level – this is where blood flow restriction therapy comes into play. This treatment can help you regain muscle strength and size faster than traditional training methods.

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Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Blood flow restriction therapy is shown to make a real difference in your rehab or fitness journey. It helps increase muscle growth, reduce muscle loss during recovery, and even improve overall endurance. Plus, it's a time-saver because you can achieve great results with lighter weights. Who doesn't love efficiency, right?

I have been seeing Josh and Pam for PT treatments. They are very knowledgeable, especially with athletes and people who want to return to high-level activities. They also take a caring interest in the progress and recovery of their patients. I highly recommend them.

Cassie W.

How Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Works

The magic happens by partially restricting blood flow to the working muscles. This creates a build-up of metabolic byproducts, triggering a powerful growth response. The restriction of blood creates a super jolt of muscle recovery and growth. And this happens all while using lighter weights, which means less strain on your joints. This is especially helpful in recovery or a muscle building phase.


Getting You Back Out There

Blood flow restriction therapy is a game-changer in the world of rehab and fitness. It's an innovative approach, for sure, but it's shown to provide results. It’s all about getting you back out there stronger and better than ever. So, if you're ready to elevate your training or expedite your recovery, consider giving BFR physical therapy a try. Request a consultation with our blood flow restriction therapists today. Your muscles will thank you, and you'll be back better than ever in no time.

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