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For Patients

At Vail-Summit Physical Therapy, our team is dedicated to supporting patients through every stage of their rehabilitation. On this page, we gathered commonly requested resources, information, and forms in one location for your convenience. Thank you for trusting VSPT with your recovery!


Whether you are recovering from an injury, require post-surgical rehabilitation, or seek relief from pain, our physical, occupational, and speech therapists are here to help! Schedule an appointment today!


The patient portal gives patients access to their medical records while allowing them to make appointment bookings, complete important paperwork, and communicate with their healthcare team. 


If you are traveling to see a therapist at Vail-Summit Physical Therapy, our hotel partners offer VSPT patients a special discount. View our partners in Eagle and Summit County and recover comfortably. 

Bill Pay

Patients of Vail-Summit Physical Therapy can use the online payment portal for a quick and easy payment process. All that's needed is the billing statement code.

and Billing

You deserve high-quality care and transparent billing. View our accepted insurance plans, understand our billing practices, and learn about your rights as a patient. 

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