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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a special branch of physical and occupational therapy that helps both adults and children improve their language skills and ability to communicate. At Vail-Summit Physical Therapy, our Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) Amy Blanks specializes in evaluating her patients' speech and language comprehension skills and designing exercises and treatments that meet their unique needs.

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When Would I Need Speech Therapy?

Anyone of any age and gender could need speech therapy during their lives. In children, speech disorders are often diagnosed by family practitioners. They would typically refer your child for additional screenings with a SLP if they notice the following:


  • Issues articulating certain word sounds

  • Stuttering 

  • Speaking so fast they merge words together, also known as cluttering

  • Trouble understanding or processing language

  • Difficulting verbalizing sentences accurately


In adults, speech and language disorders are usually the result of a brain injury like a concussion, stroke, brain disorder caused by aging, or neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and ALS.

Benefits of Speech Therapy

The main benefit of speech therapy is the ability to express your thoughts and feelings with others while understanding what people are communicating with you. Additionally, speech therapy can help improve the following:


  • Early language skills

  • Language comprehension

  • Fluency

  • Better clarity and self-expression

  • Improved swallowing function

  • Increased independence and self-esteem


There are other cognitive benefits to speech therapy, such as problem solving and improved memory and organization. VSPT speech therapist Amy Blanks will work with you to design exercises and activities that help cognitive communication.

Amy was able to diagnose and effectively explain my problem in terms I could easily understand. The facility was well maintained, and the front desk staff was very friendly and helpful.

Michael H.

How Speech Therapy Works

No person and no speech disorder is the same. At VSPT, our therapists always begin every session with an evaluation. SLP Amy Blanks will take the time to understand the type of communication disorder you are experiencing and work with you and your loved ones to design the best treatment plan possible.


Strategies for speech therapy could include:


  • Breathing exercises

  • Strengthening oral muscles

  • Modeling correct sounds and syllables

  • Interacting through pictures and books to stimulate language development 


At VSPT, we will also provide you with additional resources to use at home, such as workbooks, language development games or toys, and speech therapy apps. 


Speech disorders that in childhood often improve with age, and issues caused by a stroke can improve quickly with treatment. However, other disorders can continue into adulthood or require long-term therapy and maintenance.

Therapists That Work With Speech Therapy

Our Locations That Offer Speech Therapy


Getting You Back Out There

If you or someone you love is suffering from a speech impairment, stroke injury, or language disorder, Vail-Summit Physical Therapy is here to help. Our Speech-Language Pathology in Summit County offers treatment for a spectrum of speech disorders, language delays, and communication issues and will work with you to improve your quality of life.


Contact VSPT and SLP Amy Banks today to learn more!

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