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Balance and Fall Prevention

Vail-Summit Physical Therapy has an expert team of balance and fall prevention therapists who want you to enjoy easy, confident movement throughout your day. The worry of falling can introduce hesitation into your motions and slow you down, but we're here to change that. Our goal is to instill a sense of stability and assurance in every movement.

Balance and fall prevention therapy is a plan anyone can use to improve overall balance. Our fall prevention therapists utilize tailored exercises to help with your unique balance issues. Our therapists teach you techniques for navigating every situation with ease. We're big fans of witnessing patients regain newfound confidence in their daily activities through robust and steady movements. And guess what? Improved quality of life is a direct result of fall prevention therapy.


When Would I Need Balance and Fall Prevention?

Balance hiccups can happen to anyone. If you sense instability in your daily routines, you're a prime candidate for balance and fall prevention therapy. Taking proactive steps at the first signs of instability can help prevent major falls down the road. Whether you're aging and dealing with movement-related issues, or you have a history of falls – therapy is the solution. 

Benefits of Balance and Fall Prevention

How does keeping your well-being and quality of life for the long run sound? That is what we’re here for. There are the major benefits of balance and fall prevention therapy. Most notably, the number of falls and potential injuries are reduced. You gain physical confidence which fuels your independent lifestyle. Doing the work, committing to the exercises, and practicing the techniques will make it easy to control the direction of your life, and you can keep doing the things you love. 

Will is always pleasant and interesting to talk to while having physical therapy.  He asks you to do challenging routines, but only because he's trying to make your recovery the best it can be!  He has gotten me through two back-to-back knee replacements!  I know I could NEVER have recovered so well without his expertise.

Shereen K.

How Balance and Fall Prevention Works

We want you to know improved balance and fall prevention is a gradual process. It’s your persistence that makes it happen. In therapy we focus on:

  • Progressive balance exercises

  • Muscle strengthening

  • Improving coordination

  • Cueing body awareness in space

  • Overall balance

  • Fall prevention techniques

Your effort drives the journey, and it's your dedication and patience that pave the way. You move at your own rhythm under our expert guidance, with alternating daily exercise routines as the standard. The payoff? Enhanced balance and fortified fall prevention.

Getting You Back Out There

Don't let the fear of falling hold you back. With balance and fall prevention therapy, you're ensuring control over your movements. This therapy isn't just about maintaining physical balance, it's about restoring the equilibrium between your aspirations and your body. Your journey to better balance begins now! Request your consultation with our team today.

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