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Therapeutic Cupping

Therapeutic cupping is a treatment available for Summit and Eagle County patients of Vail-Summit Physical Therapy. Also known as cupping therapy or suction cup therapy, therapeutic cupping restores movement, alleviates pain, and improves quality of life.


During a treatment session, special cups are placed at the treatment area onto your skin. The therapist heats and manipulates the cup to create a just-right suction effect to gently lift your skin and underlying tissue upward. This elevation allows for an increase in blood flow, a release of fluids and a gentle stimulation to the musculoskeletal structure being treated. The cups leave a circular red mark because of all the extra blood flow.

When Would I Need Therapeutic Cupping?

Therapeutic cupping is recommended for various systemic and musculoskeletal issues. For patients with muscle pain, injury, post-surgical recovery, stress, tension, or even respiratory issues, suction cup therapy can improve conditions such as:


  • Pain in the muscle, tendon, or joint

  • Arthritis

  • Migraines

  • Soreness 

  • Skin diseases

  • High cholesterol 


Athletes use cupping therapy to enhance muscle recovery and boost performance.

Therapeutic Cupping.jpeg

Benefits of Therapeutic Cupping

The benefits of therapeutic cupping are numerous. This treatment has been shown to:


  • Reduce pain and soreness

  • Promote healing 

  • Reduce the build-up of harmful fluids and toxins

  • Improve blood flow


With the expertise of our cupping therapists, you can relieve pain, reduce muscle tightness, improve soft tissue wellness, enhance joint and ligament function, improve blood circulation, and promote a low-stress stasis.

Teri and her team, including the front staff Weston and Carla, are so genuinely kind and good at their jobs! I’ve also worked with DJ and Erica who are also outstanding therapists!

Shauna B.

How Therapeutic Cupping Works

Our therapeutic cupping therapists take the mystery out of the therapeutic cupping process. It’s easy. It’s effective. Cups are placed on your skin, and the air inside is heated, creating a vacuum that sucks your skin gently into the cup. This action lifts and separates the layers of tissue underneath, allowing increased blood flow for healing, relief of muscle tension, a release of fluid build-up, and an improvement in function. Relief from pain can be immediate as well as sustained, following treatment.


Getting You Back Out There

Therapeutic cupping is a fantastic way to treat a range of health concerns, from pain relief to relaxation. It's all about getting you out there, feeling your best and ready to take on whatever life tosses your way. Request a consultation with our expert cupping therapists at VSPT today! We’ll work with you to keep you moving forward. 

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