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Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Vail-Summit Physical Therapy partners with the Vail-Summit Orthopaedics & Neurology orthopaedic surgeons – and other top orthopaedic surgeons in Colorado’s high country – to provide the necessary pre and post-surgical rehabilitation for their patients.

Surgical patients want to know, “Should I do physical therapy before surgery, or is it better to do physical therapy after surgery?” Typically, the recommendation is to do both. Physical therapy before and after surgery helps optimize results and facilitates a quick, complete recovery.

Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Physical therapy before surgery can improve patient outcomes. The three major benefits of physical therapy before surgery are:

  • An increase in fitness, stamina, and strength

  • A decrease in post-surgical pain

  • A quicker rehabilitation and recovery period

For example, knee surgery patients often add physical therapy before surgery to the surgical treatment plan. This process involves a 4-6 week period prior to surgery for knee strengthening and flexibility exercises. The benefits include a smoother and more rapid return to activity than would be possible without pre-habilitation.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Physical therapy after surgery provides a safe place and time to get the body moving again. Surgical rehabilitation provides patients with several benefits:

  • Muscle engagement for repair, strength, and function

  • Return joints to pre-surgical range of motion and flexibility

  • Increase blood flow to boost healing, reduce swelling and pain

  • Regain full function at and around the repair site

  • Reduce scar tissue over-response

  • Restore pre-surgery balance, stability, stamina, and coordination

  • Gain refined movement to prevent reinjury

Whether the surgery is for an acute injury or a chronic condition, physical therapy after surgery is highly recommended for patients.

Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation in Colorado

Combined with physical therapy before surgery, surgical rehabilitation provides the best pathway to maximum health. Not only is a full return to physical wellness the goal, but the benefits extend to patient quality of life, and mental and social wellness. Improve your surgical outcome. Take advantage of physical therapy before surgery and surgical rehabilitation.

Surgery patients seeking an evaluation for physical therapy before surgery or after surgery should contact Vail-Summit Physical Therapy. Schedule your appointment today!


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