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Manual and Manipulative Treatment

A vital specialty at Vail-Summit Physical Therapy is manual and manipulative treatment – this is a combination of manual physical therapy, manipulative therapy, and joint manipulation.

Patients wonder, “Why include manual and manipulative treatment in my physical therapy treatment plan?” The addition of manual and manipulative treatment to a therapy treatment plan addresses underlying mobility issues, reduces pain, and helps achieve the broad goals of increased strength, range of motion and function.

Our highly trained manual physical therapy specialists work closely with a patient and their doctor to determine if manipulative therapy and joint manipulation should be included as a manual therapy feature of the treatment plan.

What Is Manual and Manipulative Treatment

The specific application of manual force to restricted muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, and joints is the additional component provided with manual therapy and joint manipulation.

Manipulation and mobilization helps alleviates pain, increases range of motion, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing. This hands–on treatment articulates the soft tissues affecting an injured area.

Manual therapy and manipulative therapy techniques include:

  • Connective tissue techniques - stretching connective tissue at a deep skin level

  • Craniosacral techniques - gentle stimulation of fluid build-up at the skull and spine

  • Joint manipulation - light, quick, passive movement at the joint

  • Massage - hands on technique to activate muscle function and reduce inflammation

  • Mobilization of joints - targeted pressure on the joint for improved mobility

  • Mobilization of neural tissue - stretching tissue to remodel collagen at reflex points

  • Myofascial release - firm and sustained pressure at trigger points to improve function

  • Soft tissue mobilization - stretching and deep pressure to release fluid build-up in muscle

  • Strain and counterstrain - gentle pressure to passive muscle, relieving pain, and inflammation

  • Visceral mobilization - gentle force to internal organ structure to promote mobility

This set of manual and manipulative therapy techniques expands options for patients requiring improved mobility and pain reduction to optimize physical therapy.

Manual and Manipulative Therapy Near Me

The highly trained manual physical therapy, manipulative therapy and joint manipulation specialists at Vail-Summit Physical Therapy are available to evaluate patients. In certain cases, a treatment plan that includes manual and manipulative therapy can help patients achieve a successful and complete recovery.

Submit your consultation request with Vail-Summit Physical Therapy today or call our clinics to schedule your appointment.


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