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Neurological Rehabilitation

Vail-Summit Physical Therapy provides neurological rehabilitation and neurological therapy for anyone experiencing a brain injury or condition that impacts their life. Neurological rehabilitation is a specialized form of physical and occupational therapy that focuses on individuals with neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis or stroke recovery patients. The goal of neurological therapy is to boost your quality of life and reclaim your independence.

When Would I Need Neurological Rehabilitation?

Anyone can find they need help with neurological rehabilitation. Brain conditions can happen to anyone at any age. At VSPT, our neurological therapist often treats patients hoping to:


  • Improve their quality of life

  • Regain speech functions

  • Learn reading and writing adaptations

  • Find behavior support activities and community partnerships

  • Learn exercises to build range of motion, strength, and ease of movement

  • Assess home safety and take vocational training


Whether you've just been diagnosed or you're in the recovery phase, neurological therapy will make a huge difference in your wellness, cognitive function, and quality of life.


Benefits Of Neurological Rehabilitation

The benefits of neurological rehabilitation are truly remarkable. It can help improve:


  • Mobility

  • Balance

  • Strength


Beyond the physical aspect, it also addresses cognitive and emotional challenges that often come with neurological conditions. It's a holistic approach to healing, serving to reinforce your sense of self and elevate your overall wellness and quality of life.

After my TBI, I could hardly function, let alone work. Melissa (OT) helped me relearn all of the necessary life and work functions in a way that helps me tackle any deficit or challenge that comes my way. I owe my life and livelihood to her!

Kristina M.

How Neurological Rehabilitation Works

Neurological rehabilitation is all about your brain’s natural ability to change, called plasticity. Our brain is highly sensitive to all input, and is shown to change, evolve and improve with even a minor shift in input. In short, our brains are very teachable. 


At VSPT, our neuro rehabilitation therapists are experts at tailoring a program to your unique needs. They will guide you through exercises and techniques designed to retrain your brain and body, supporting you throughout your customized treatment program.

Therapists That Work With Neurological Rehabilitation

Our Locations That Offer Neurological Rehabilitation


Getting You Back Out There

VSPT is dedicated to helping patients reclaim their lives. Reach out to our neurological rehabilitation experts today and connect with a community of neurological caregivers. Our team will work with you and your loved ones to get you back to the activities you love and connect with your independence. 


If you or a loved one is navigating a neurological condition, begin VSPT's neurological rehabilitation program today! Your journey to optimal wellness starts here.

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