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Brain Injury Support Group

Since 2014, the Summit County Brain Injury Support Group has supported brain injury survivors from acquired and traumatic brain injury as well as their family, friends, and caregivers. This group is jointly sponsored by the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC), Vail-Summit Physical Therapy, and St. Anthony Summit Hospital. 

About Summit County’s Brain Injury Support Group: 

The goal of the Summit County Brain Injury Support Group is to be a safe and understanding place where survivors and loved ones can hear how others are living their lives post-brain injury and be heard as they share their experiences. 


This free, monthly group provides brain injury survivors and their families or loved ones medical education and support through restorative and social activities such as:


  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Sound healing

  • Therapeutic art and music

  • Group hikes

  • Nordic lessons

  • Gardening. 


Occupational Therapist Melissa Volkert, who specializes in traumatic brain injuries and treats both outpatients at Vail-Summit Physical Therapy and inpatients at SSt. Anthony Summit Hospital, developed the comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation program at VSPT and leads the Brain Injury Support Group.


Why Join A Brain Injury Support Group:

This Summit County Brain Injury Support Group is backed by Vail-Summit Physical Therapy, Summit Medical Center, and the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado. At these meetings, traumatic brain injury survivors, their loved ones, and their caregivers have the opportunity to:


  • Learn about the brain injury healing process

  • Exploring restorative and calming strategies to cope with brain injury symptoms

  • Socialize with other survivors, support partners, and caregivers

  • Attend and contribute to discussions regarding coping skills, adaptability, resilience, and symptom management  


The most important benefit to joining a Brain Injury Support Group is that it allows survivors to talk to other survivors and normalize their experiences.

Melissa is a wealth of knowledge and skills - after working with her for 6 weeks I was able to continue my job and work 4 years to my retirement!

Cassie W.

What Happens at a Brain Injury Support Group:

Over the years, the Summit County Brain Injury Support Group has:


  • Hosted talks from local healthcare professionals on headaches and migraines, sleep, nutrition and diet, vision, and mental health. 

  • Explored mindful techniques such as yoga, meditation, sound healing, art, and music therapy. 

  • Met for hikes, Nordic skiing, ice cream, gardening, movies, and dinner. 


The Summit County Brain Injury Support Group group has a different topic or agenda for each meeting.

Therapists That Host Brain Injury Support Groups

Locations That Offer Our Brain Injury Support Group


Getting You Back Out There

While everyone with a traumatic brain injury experiences different symptoms and faces unique challenges, the Summit Brain Injury Support Group is here to provide TBI survivors with emotional support. Contact Melissa Volkert to learn more about this network, attend group meetings, and to stay informed on upcoming events.

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