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Lymphedema Management

At Vail-Summit Physical Therapy our lymphedema management specialists are here to help with swelling, discomfort, and other lymphedema symptoms. Also known as lymphedema pain treatment or lymphedema physiotherapy management, lymphedema management is a strategic approach to combat bothersome swelling, often affecting your arms or legs, stemming from disruptions in your lymphatic system. 


Picture the lymphatic system as your body's drainage system – when it's blocked, you end up with a traffic jam in your tissues. Lymphedema management swoops in to clear that congestion and help you regain your comfort.


When Would I Need Lymphedema Management?

Lymphedema pain treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our lymphedema management therapists emphasize its critical importance if you've undergone surgery, received radiation therapy, or experienced an injury that disrupts your lymphatic system. If you're dealing with daily swelling, pain, and discomfort – it’s time to consider this management therapy.

Benefits Of Lymphedema Management

Consistently managing lymphedema has the following benefits:


  • Swelling reduction

  • Pain relief 

  • Decrease in fluid volume

  • Improved skin and limb appearance

  • Increased range of motion


Overall, lymphedema therapy is like pressing the "deflate" button for your body's swelling. You'll feel lighter, more at ease, and less susceptible to infections. Moreover, it's all about enhancing your overall quality of life.

Erica is the most knowledgeable health care provider I have ever known. Genuinely concerned and knew EXACTLY what my problem was within five minutes. Absolutely looks outside of the box when treating you and creating a program for your home PT.

Terry G.

How Lymphedema Management Works

This process is a collaborative effort with your therapist. We employ techniques such as:


  • Manual lymphatic drainage

  • Compression

  • Exercises to guide your lymphatic system back to its proper functioning. 


These treatments give your body a gentle nudge in the right direction to rediscover its natural flow.

Therapists That Work With Lymphedema Management

Our Locations That Offer Lymphedema Management

Getting You Back Out There

At VSPT, we don't believe in postponing pain-relief or giving up the activities you love. If you're tired of grappling with the aftermath of surgery, radiation, injury, or those persistent symptoms of swollen limbs and discomfort, now is the time to explore lymphedema management. Let us assist you in bidding farewell to that "puffy" feeling and welcoming a better, more comfortable you. Your journey to a happier, lighter life begins now!

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