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Concussion Management

At Vail-Summit Physical Therapy, our concussion management therapists are here to help you navigate your recovery from a head injury. Our team genuinely cares about your well-being and works alongside you through each step of the process, including concussion pain relief. 

Concussion management is a detailed plan that provides first-rate care for anyone with a head injury. It's a thoughtful blend of medical assessment, relaxation, targeted therapies, and ongoing check-ins – all aimed at ensuring your brain gets the treatment it needs for a full recovery.

When Would I Need Concussion Management?

It is a common misconception that only a major blow to the head requires concussion management, but we recommend concussion therapy even for minor head injuries. Concussion management is the best option for all head injuries – from mild to severe – to protect your symptoms from getting worse.


We want to help you monitor:

  • Dizziness

  • Headaches

  • Confusion

  • Memory troubles

  • Difficulty concentrating

Working with our concussion management therapists takes the guesswork out of it. They know how to catch these symptoms early and prevent possible complications.

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Benefits of Concussion Management

How does preventing long-term cognitive loss and physical complications sound to you? That’s our goal! By working with one of our concussion managers, you lower the likelihood of lingering symptoms impacting you day-to-day, and you improve your chance of a full recovery. It’s too easy to downplay brain injury symptoms, or to wait too long to get help. Concussion pain relief is available, and you will have peace of mind all the way to a complete healing.  

I went to VSPT for concussion management and to recover from a traumatic brain injury. Melissa Volkert, my therapist, provided a deep understanding of TBIs and management strategies to ensure I could quickly get back to functioning in everyday life. She went above and beyond her role to ensure I was supported and motivated. I highly recommend Melissa at VSPT for concussion management and brain injury therapy!

Candace T.

How Concussion Management Works

Concussion management is a treatment plan tailored to you. It starts with a medical evaluation to determine how severe your injury is and potential complications. Concussion pain relief is a priority. Rest is essential for head injury management. Slowing down and getting rid of most stimulation allows the brain to heal without undue strain. Adding back activities methodically – with the help of your concussion manager – helps monitor progress and prevents a set-back.

Cognitive and physical therapies are important in concussion management. Therapies target specific challenges like memory, concentration, balance and more. Our concussion therapists are experts in head injury management and will design the right rehab plan for your full recovery.

Therapists That Work With Concussion Management

Our Locations That Offer Concussion Management

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Getting You Back Out There

Recovery is a journey, and concussion management is your map. The road might seem long, but remember each step brings you closer to your active life. Be committed. Be patient. Know that your decision to use a Vail-Summit Physical Therapy concussion management therapist is your guarantee of success.

No matter how minor your head injury, reach out to our concussion management therapists to receive first-rate care. You’ll be glad you did.

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